Sung Hi Lee is in the Asian Hood

Sung Hi Lee Collection

Sung Hi Lee was one of the most beautiful Asian models of the 1990s and early 2000s. She is one luscious lady with a perfect ass, a face that could launch ships and a body that men loved to lust over. Sung Hi, at 5'4" and 106 pounds of desire, is one sexy piece of ass and her nude beach scenes could make a cock hard on command. Sung Hi moved from Korea to the United States in 1978 when she was just eight years old. Later, Sung Hi attended Ohio State University before making her mark in smut magazines exposing her twat for the camera. There are no reports of Sung Hi Lee fucking the cameramen on set or of Sung Hi Lee giving blowjobs to the men who worked on her photo shoots. Still, most likely Sung Hi flashed her sexy look the way of anyone willing to acknowledge her beauty. It's a shame we never got the see Sung Hi Lee swallow cum on camera or take a hard dick in her ass. She played a porn star in a terrible film, but Sung Hi Lee never had a double penetration on film. 

Sung Hi Lee covers her pussy for a black & white photo shoot 


Sung Hi Lee plays around in the bathtub during a sexy shoot


Sung Hi Lee wears white lace before going to bed


Sung Hi Lee wears pink stockings prancing around in white room


Sung Hi Lee rubs her body during a tropical island photo shoot



Sung Hi Lee lays down to show off her sculpted sexy body


Sung Hi Lee still poses for the camera during breaks in the action


Sung Hi Lee strikes poses that will make cocks stand at attention


Sung Hi Lee trying to look innocent taking off her clothes


Sung Hi Lee takes a dip in the pool on a trip to the Mexican Carribean


Sung Hi Lee turns heads taking a casual walk


Sung Hi Lee goofs around naked in the backyard



Sung Hi Lee is in the Asian Hood